We are Modern Distinctive Ladies and we want to be our best selves. All of the girls in this circle are my sisters. We are learning how each one of us is precious and unique. MDL Inc. helps us believe in ourselves by building:



Modern Distinctive Ladies, Inc. is for girls-only, safe-space gatherings that meet once weekly after school, during school or on Saturdays at local schools and youth serving organizations. MDL Inc. serves 50 to 60 girls. A typical MDL session features a guided conversation led by Tavis Wade-Jones, parent or volunteer. Topics might include school, relationships with family, friends and boys, careers, peer pressure, virginity, health or whatever the girls identify as pressing issues for them.

Modern Distinctive Ladies, Inc addresses the interconnected issues of teen pregnancy, violence, and health by working with young ladies during the critical teen years, when personal choices that are made can have lifelong consequences. MDL Inc. builds leadership skills and character traits such as love, honesty, respect, sisterhood, commitment, personal accountability, learning to listen to the viewpoints of others, clear communication, critical thinking about life and its choices and sound decision making.

Additional program elements include ongoing academic support, community field trips, guest speakers, annual College Tour, volunteer Higher Education Coaches and many other unique components.